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Conference abstract topics include:

  • Respiratory virus transmission among humans
    • Importance of aerosol transmission
    • Experimental transmission studies e.g. volunteer challenge
    • Household studies and other community‑based studies
    • Transmission dynamics and epidemiologic parameters
    • Importance of host, viral and environmental factors in transmission
    • Role of asymptomatic infections in respiratory virus transmission
    • Virus evolution within and between infected hosts
  • Animal models for virus transmission
    • Insights from the use of labelled viruses
    • Virus evolution in animal infection, transmission and interspecies transmission
    • Aerobiology in animal models
    • Novel animal models
  • Determinants of transmission
    • Transmission across the animal-human interface
    • Viral determinants of transmissibility
    • Risk assessment of novel viruses
    • Genetic bottleneck and determinants for interspecies transmission
    • Basic science pertaining to transmission (e.g. aerosols, mucin, cough physiology, respiratory explants, respiratory anatomy and quasispecices)
  • Control of respiratory virus transmission
    • Effectiveness of personal protective equipment in different settings
    • Nosocomial infection control measures
    • Novel approaches to control transmission
    • Immune aspects in transmission ‑ benefits of partial immunity?
    • Application of molecular epidemiology to transmission control
    • One-health approach for preventing and controlling epidemics and pandemics

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